Sugar or blood glucose as it is commonly known as the main source of energy for the human body. While your body needs sugar to function properly, the excess of it could lead to health problems such as diabetes and increases the risk of associated diseases such as obesity, blood pressure, etc. Both low or high blood sugar adversely impact your health. Hence, it is important to maintain normal blood sugar levels.


If you are already suffering from diabetes, then blood sugar level management becomes even more crucial. You need to monitor your blood sugar level at regular intervals by undergoing medical tests and adjusting your medication in consultation with your doctor.


Lifestyle modifications such as healthy diet, consumption of foods low in sugar, regular exercise and good sleep are sustainable ways to keep your blood sugar under check. One such natural way to maintain normal blood sugar levels is through intake of papaya leaf extract.


Importance of Papaya Leaf Extract in Managing Blood Sugar:


Papaya is considered one of the best fruits to manage blood sugar, especially for diabetics. It is a powerhouse of essential nutrients such as Vitamin A, B, C and E as well as minerals such as calcium, copper, magnesium, folate, potassium and many more.


However, you would be surprised to know that papaya leaf also has incredible benefits for blood sugar. Let’s see how:


- Papaya leaf contains an enzyme called papain, alkaloid and glucoside which aid in healthy blood circulation to heart muscles.
- It breaks down proteins naturally and improves digestion of extra blood glucose, thereby preventing damages to nerves.
- Papaya leaf is considered an excellent Ayurvedic remedy to balance ‘vata dosha’, increase blood flow to heart muscles and repair damages related to heart blood vessels. 
- It is also known to reverse the pre-diabetic condition if consumed regularly.


Consumption of Papaya Leaf Extract:


The papaya tree is found commonly across India, Mexico, northern South America and many other tropical and subtropical countries. Diabetic patients or people who want to keep their blood sugar level in control often drink papaya leaf juice. However, it can be a tedious affair to find organically-grown papaya tree leaves and then blend it into juice.


An easier, safer and more effective way to consume papaya leaf is through herbal food supplements which are gluten-free, vegan and non-GMO. You can buy papaya leaf extract capsules and consume them either of the following three ways:


- Simply take the capsule with a glass of water, as you would take any other pill.
- Pour the contents of the capsule in a smoothie or any health beverage.
- Sprinkle the contents of the capsule over a fresh salad.


Inconsistent blood sugar is a major health concern and genesis of other health conditions. Hence, you must take blood sugar management seriously and preferably look for natural alternatives such as papaya leaf extract supplements to control it.


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