If you have an affinity for products made with natural ingredients, you might have read or heard about Frankincense. It is often used in essential oils, perfumes, and incense sticks for their woody, spicy-sweet fragrance, and medicinal properties.    Frankincense is a resin that is also called Shallaki in Sanskrit or simply Boswellia in layman terms. It is extracted from a botanical tree called Boswellia serrata commonly found in India, the Middle East, and North Africa. It is harvested by...
Did you know the largest organ in your body is your skin?   The major constituent of your skin is water and fat. Your skin provides you with protection against external factors like pollution, sun rays and other damaging free radicals, helps maintain your body temperature and flushes out toxins by sweating.   Taking care of your body by taking care of your skin health is equally important.   Apart from cleansing your skin, meeting your daily water requirements by...
Are you aware of green coffee? This new assortment has been making a ton of buzz. In case you are uninformed of the tremendous medical advantages it offers, including weight reduction, this article is an absolute necessity read for you!   Green coffee became very popular for weight loss after it was mentioned at Dr Oz's 2012 show. In 2012, green coffee was introduced as a fantastic weight loss supplement by a well-known American physician and talk show host Dr....

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